Boston Organics Joins SBN’s Boston Local Food Festival for a 4th Year!

Boston Organics, an SBN member located in Charlestown, MA, has signed up to join us at the 4th Annual Boston Local Food Festival! This company delivers fresh fruits and veggies right to your door that are certified organic and sourced locally whenever possible. Boston Organic’s mission is to provide access to fresh, organic produce to promote and support healthy living. They intend to do this in a mindful and sustainable way that respects the environment, supports local farms, local businesses, and fair-trade practices. It is their 11th year as a local food hub in the Boston area, and in 2012, they purchased and distributed over 40,000 heads of Massachusetts grown organic lettuce!

Dogma box 45

Figure 1

The produce they carry changes with season and availability through their network of growers and suppliers. Boston Organics strives to be creative when connecting their customers to educational resources. They share stories and updates from the farm partners, as well as cooking tips and recipes to help guide customers who might not be as familiar with cooking from raw ingredients. Marketing Manager, Amy Levine, explains that one of their special boxes, the “Dogma Box,” is a box that’s sourced as close to Boston as possible. It tells a truly fascinating story about our New England growing season from week to week.

dogma wk21 yr13

Figures 1 and 2: The Dogma Boxes. Photos provided by Boston Organics.

What’s the story behind Boston Organics? Well, Founder and President Jeff Barry shared with us his journey in creating Boston Organics:

“While living out in San Francisco, my wife, Beth and I had subscribed to a similar service, Planet Organics. We really enjoyed receiving delivery of fresh, organic, sustainably grown fruits and veggies to our door step. We also liked being more directly connected to where our food was coming from and being introduced to produce that we were not too familiar with. Both of us are from the Boston area and we decided to move back in 2002. My wife had a ‘real’ job and I had an opportunity to start Boston Organics.”

Jeffvan-cropped-1200 (1)

Figure 3: Photo of Boston Organic’s Founder and President, Jeff Barry

Boston Organics has been participating in SBN’s Boston Local Food Festival as a vendor and a sponsor for all four years of the festival’s running. At the event, they plan on sharing information about their service, local produce, their farm partners and cooking tips. There will also be a raffle offering a few weeks’ worth of produce deliveries!

Levine said that the company as a whole “looks forward to continuing the dialogue about our local food system beyond the festival in many ways, especially though our membership in the Sustainable Business Network, by remaining active in educational and philanthropic efforts in our community, and by continuing our commitment to sourcing our produce and foods as locally as possible.”

You can explore other features Boston Organics has made in the past by reading this Edible Boston article. For produce boxes, recipes and storage tips, and other information visit their website at

Want to keep up with Boston Organics before, during and after the festival? Be sure to follow them on their social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and WordPress.

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