7 Best Green Apps

Here are some apps for your mobile devices that you can use to help you go-green!

photo1. Good Guide: Good Guide is a free app that showcases sustainable products and features a bar code scanner to check an items environmental impact before buying it. GoodGuide hopes to become the best informational guide for products’ and companies’ environmental, health and social impacts.

2. Every Body Walk!: Every Body Walk! is a mobile app looking to get users up and walking. The app allows users to personalize a walking plan, connect with fellow walkers and learn fitness tips and trends.

3. Locavore: Locavore uses GPS locations to find farms and farmers’ markets nearest to you! The app also includes recipe suggestions based on what’s in-season right now.

4. One Small Act: One Small Act encourages users to take ‘green steps’ to make a smaller impact on the environment. It tracks all of the little things that the user does for the environment and discovers how their impact compares with others.

5. Green Genie : Green Genie is an app that suggests more than 100 green projects to take on. The app also has a glossary of green terms and a list of green organizations to check out!

6. Carbon Tracker: Carbon Tracker, by SAP, uses GPS to calculate the users carbon footprint based on how much he or she travels. The app allows the user to set goals in attempt to decrease them.

7. Green Outlet: Green Outlet is an app that tells the user which appliances use the most electricity. It allows the user to enter their appliance and see what that appliance is costing the earth.

Using apps like these are simple and effective ways to make sure that you’re always making green lifestyle choices! With the convenience of a hand-held device, creative tips and reminders are always at your fingertips.







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