Green Ways To ‘Stay Cool’ This Summer


As these summer days continue to get hotter, we’re all looking for more ways to ‘stay cool’. Here are some green ideas for you to do just that!

Body: The most natural way to stay cool is to start with YOU.

  • Wear linen, cotton and loose clothing that can naturally get rid of the moisture from your body.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking less caffeine and alcohol and consuming more water.
  • Eat cool foods such as salads and sandwiches that will naturally cool your body. Avoid using the stove and oven, they will heat up your house and your body.
  • Go swimming! Boston area is surrounded by water, utilize it to keep your body happy.

House: A lot of energy goes into taking care of homes, but with these simple steps you’ll save energy and money!

  • Naturally cool your home by shutting all the windows, blinds and shades in your house during the day. Air conditioners are great for instant cooling, but they use a lot of electricity, especially if they are kept on all the time.
  • Use Natural/Organic Bedding on all beds in the house. It’s socially and environmentally responsible. Additionally organic bedding is lighter, leaving you more cool on those hot nights! 


  • Rely on the rain! If you plan on watering your garden, turn on sprinklers based on the weather. You’ll end up saving yourself a lot of water by letting mother nature do it for you. 
  • Line-Dry your clothing. Line-drying saves a crazy amount of energy, and is free! Even if you line-dry half your clothing, it can save an average of 723 pounds of your annual CO2 emissions.

Even if you practice a few of these green tips, you’ll be helping save energy, staying cool, and ultimately reducing your carbon footprint!



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