SBN Member Spotlight: Boston Solar Company



SBN would like to welcome our newest member, The Boston Solar Company, to our team! Boston Solar Company is working toward providing more electricity to the city, with less impact. They were founded in 2010 by a young team of entrepreneurs who have now created an idea into a profitable, local business, and work to design and install solar panels for homeowners, businesses and institutions.

Managing partners Romain Strecker and Daniel Mello Guimarães found inspiration in the influx of solar power spreading throughout Europe. The goal is to simplify the transition to solar energy. If looking to build solar panels on your home, Boston Solar will tailor the system to your needs. Massachusetts has a variety of incentives and tax rebates allowing the transition process to solar more affordable than ever before!

If you’re looking to take your environmental commitment one step further, check out their website here and help us welcome Boston Solar to be apart of our network!

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