Looking more closely at the Locavore Index in Massachusetts

Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont-based advisory group, just released their Locavore Index, revealing which states have the highest environmental commitment. The data is compiled by adding up the number of farmers markets, CSA programs (community supported agriculture), farm-to-school programs and food hubs and comparing each of them on a per-capital basis. Vermont holds the number one spot in the Lovacore Index with a weighted score of 13.64. Massachusetts in comparison, has a weighted score of 3.91.

Below you’ll find a graphic displaying how Massachusetts compares with the rest of the United States. It is becoming more and more important to make a commitment to supporting local foods. The best way to start is by attending the Boston Local Food Festival on September 14th! Click here to find out more information.


You can read the full report on their website!


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