One Goal. Zero Waste.

IMG_7156By Joel Dashnaw

Territory Manager, Save That Stuff, Inc.

Save That Stuff, Inc. was founded in 1990 with one truck (actually, a 1971 vintage VW Double Cab – half bus and half pick-up truck) to provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal….way back when there were few alternatives to disposing of recyclable waste streams.

Over the past 27 years, the Company has continued to evolve as businesses and communities recognize the value of removing recyclables from their waste streams. Nowadays, Save That Stuff, Inc. is a leading Boston-based recyclable materials and waste resource management company.

At Save That Stuff, we operate an independently-owned 100,000 sq. ft. processing facility in Charlestown MA, through which we help over 3,000 New England businesses and institutions safely and efficiently dispose of a wide range of recoverable materials otherwise destined for the dumpster and achieve their goals of responsibly managing waste on a day-to-day basis.IMG_9597

Our ultimate goal is Zero Waste.

We work with each client to provide a full-service value recovery program, transforming waste that would otherwise be bound for a landfill or incinerator into valuable, sustainable resources. We also want to make sure we do our part to care for our community and lead by example!

As a recycling and waste resource management company with over 27 years of experience in Boston, Save That Stuff has a strong commitment to programs that protect the Greater Boston Area’s natural resources, and that promote sustainable management practices.

In 2007, Save That Stuff, Inc. was one of eight businesses awarded the Green Business Award by the City of Boston and Mayor Thomas M. Menino. The Green Business Award recognizes leaders in the community and businesses who are committed to promoting a sustainable vision for Boston. In 2011, Save That Stuff has also completed the Sustainable Business Leadership Program through the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. Through the SBLP program, we have furthered our commitment to energy and water reductions, waste diversion, and sustainable management practices.

We’re on a mission to build a greener city, and your support means a lot to us. So when you see our big green truck ride by in your neighborhood, give us a wave! And remember we are all in this together!

IMG_9649-3Happy Earth Day!

Learn more about Save That Stuff, check out what materials we collect, or feel free to get in touch!

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