Local Green Guide

Buy Local, Buy Green, Make a Difference

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is proud to announce the Local Green Guide – Massachusetts’ premier online consumer and business-to-business directory for businesses that are locally owned and make being green a part of their business operations and practices.

With over 1000 locally owned and independent businesses, affiliates and individuals participating in SBN’s projects and programs, SBN saw the need to create a platform for connecting the state’s ever-growing number of local and environmentally conscious consumers to the states growing network of pioneering green businesses.  Through the directory SBN hopes to raise the bar for sustainability among businesses in Massachusetts by incentivizing non-green businesses to factor the environment into their daily operations and business decisions.



Criteria for listing:

Businesses that wish to be listed in the Local Green Guide must be local & independent, must complete the Local Green Guide Pledge, and must demonstrate a real commitment to “greening” their business operations and practices.

At SBN we believe that no business is ever 100% green. Environmental sustainability is a dynamic field, with new technologies and practices being created everyday. SBN encourages businesses to be leaders in raising the bar for sustainability within their specific industry and in the business community as a whole.

Based on their commitment to sustainability, businesses are listed in three tiers, with Tier 1 businesses showing the greatest commitment to sustainability as certified Sustainable Business Leaders.

Tier 1

Tier 1 businesses are local and independent businesses that are certified Sustainable Business Leaders that have enrolled and successfully graduated from SBLP’s holistic certification program. The SBLP is a green certification program that offers hands-on technical assistance to help businesses make sustainability changes in seven key areas Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Transportation Management, Local Food & Local Procurement, and Sustainability Management. Certified Sustainable Business Leaders undertake an average of 30 environmentally sustainable changes across all 7 categories to be certified.

Certified Sustainable Business Leaders receive premier listing on the Local Green Guide including a dedicated profile that contains business name, logo, contact details, hours, a brief business description, Certified Sustainable Business Leader and SBN member decals, as well as a listing of their top green initiatives.
 Click here for a sample listing.

Tier 2

Tier 2 businesses are local and independent businesses that are SBN Members and have shown their commitment to the environment by taking the Local Green Guide Pledge, indicating their commitment and efforts towards greening their business practices. Listing in the guide includes business name, logo, contact details, hours, a brief description, and the SBN Member decal.

Tier 3

Tier 3 businesses are local & independent businesses that have taken the first step towards becoming a more sustainable business by taking the Local Green Guide Pledge. Listing in the guide includes business name, address, website and email. To be listed as a Tier 3 business please contact Taryn Johnson at taryn@sbnmass.org.

If you’re interested in having your business listed, please let us know!