SBN Leadership Exchange

SBN’s Leadership Exchange engages business and community leaders in an exchange of knowledge and ideas towards building economies that are local, green and fair. SBN facilitates this exchange through a variety of unique programs including SBN On Tour, the Annual SBN Sustainable Business Conference, SBN Entrepreneur Roundtables, and other special programming.

SBN On Tour

SBN On Tour offers unique opportunities for SBN members and supporters to receive personalized tours of local, sustainable businesses led by the businesses owner(s). Business owners talk candidly about their company’s mission and vision, history, challenges and achievements, sustainability initiatives, programs, and more. Invitations to tours are sent via e-mail in advance of each event.

SBN Entrepreneur Roundtables

SBN Entrepreneur Roundtables offer unique opportunities to connect with, and learn from, like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who share a passion for sustainable business. The SBN Roundtables are groups of up to 10 members who want to grow both personally and professionally while helping to support their fellow members with their own challenges in a safe and trusting environment of peers. For more information and details on how to participate, please click here for SBN’s Small Organization Roundtable Overview.

Annual Sustainability Leadership Summit

For over 20 years, SBN and its predecessors have hosted the longest-running local annual conference on socially responsible business. Conferences include talks by influential movement leaders, break-out sessions on pertinent topics, networking opportunities, and much more. For an overview of the 24th Annual Conference held in May 2013, click here.

B2B Networking Group

SBN launched a new program in January 2013 aimed at connecting like-minded entrepreneurs in support of each other’s businesses and partner on joint marketing and other collaborative efforts to grow the local, green and fair economy. The purpose of the B2B Networking Group is to address specific challenges facing your business by looking at case studies, networking with fellow businesses and engaging in open forum discussions. Meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

“Thank you to all participants in the SBN B2B networking group! As a case study on ‘what my business needs,’ receiving the honest and clearly heartfelt feedback of this amazing group of business owners has been invaluable to my personal business development.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what we see as ‘challenges’– expressing them to this group and being open to the possibilities delivered in the way of constructive feedback have made me a better business person. I look forward to the input and support of this group as we grow and work together in building a stronger and more sustainable local economy.”

Maisie Raftery

Natural Awakenings Magazine, Boston