The Movement

The movement encompasses all aspects of life. Be sure to buy local, eat & drink local, and play local!

There is a movement growing in communities across the nation. Building strong local, green and fair economies is really just a return to something that has worked for people in the past. By supporting locally owned and independent businesses with our dollars, they support us with their community partnership.

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is a local non-profit organization focused on building a local economy that is green and fair. By developing a network of local, independent, environmentally and socially conscious businesses we will build a stronger local economy and a more vibrant community(s). We aim to bring together businesses for mutual benefit and networking opportunities. Additionally, we hope to educate customers, businesses, and government agencies about the benefits of purchasing from locally owned and independent businesses that care about our communities and the environment.

Buy Local

Buying local means more money stays local benefitting you and your community (see
“Economic Studies” section). Local businesses are more likely to do business with fellow
local businesses thereby multiplying these benefits. Since local businesses care about their
own community, customer service is more personable. Additionally, local business owners
will invest in the community they live in so buying local is an investment in your community’s
future. Supporting local means supporting the unique character of your area so help make your community your own.

Buying local diversifies, stabilizes and strengthens the local economy.

Eat and Drink Local

Eating and drinking local is the best way to truly experience the unique flavor of your area
since every community has it’s own distinct cornucopia of shops and restaurants. Often times,
local food is of better quality and flavor. Local food is fresher, and therefore healthier. Local
food is also better for the environment because the fewer miles your food travels, the fewer
greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. So, join the local movement and take the
time to appreciate the local nuances and specialties of your local food system.

Play Local

The most enjoyable part of the local movement is playing local. Go to a nearby museum or park. Walk, run, hike, or climb local. Whatever you do, playing local is an exciting way to truly appreciate your local community and all it has to offer. Playing local builds a sense of community as you interact with your neighbors and friends. It is an easy way to appreciate local traditions. Playing local is also more environmentally friendly since less travel time means fewer greenhouse gases.


To learn more about this growing movement, browse through Somerville Local First’s resources.